Posted by: serinac0 | March 9, 2011

Next Generation Labor

Community Development Associate Professor, Chris Benner, is leading up a Next Generation Labor site that seeks to understand new forms of labor and labor organizing, economic democracy and economic justice while also creating a place for researchers, workers, activists, and everyone in between.

About the Next Generation Labor site:
(Adapted from

In the last ten years, the Internet and other digital Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools have been used to organize dozens, if not hundreds, of social movements. From the WTO protests in Seattle in 2000 to the “viral” text for Haiti mobile-phone-driven fundraising drive of 2010, organizers have employed digital technology tools to catalyze and propel their campaigns.

Contributors to the Next Generation Labor site believe that these tools can be instrumental in mobilizing labor movements as well. Unions have traditionally been at the forefront of advocating for productive, secure, employment opportunities, which are essential for reducing poverty and advancing sustainable economic and social development. Though labor organizations are beginning to integrate ICT components into their mobilization strategies, many useful lessons in effective ICT use for organizing can be learned outside the labor community.

Visit the site here:


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